Skinny Sluts.

Hey there, I'm MB! I'm 18, 5'8" tall, and weigh 150 lbs. I'm getting fed up with my body. Fed up with being a size 8. Fed up with low self confidence. Fed up with looking and feeling like a mess. This is a time to start over. A time to create the perfect outline for my life. I need to achieve my goals. Let's do this together. Let's get thin.

I’ve lost 10 pounds! YAY!(:
mushimushikawaii said:
seriously i love your blog !!!!

Thank you thank you thank you<3 Recommend if you like!:D

Shit day.

So the high waisted shorts I bought a few months finally fit without making me look like a heffer. Mom says I look good, like Daisy Duke good, and tells me to go show my dad. I was super hesitant, saying they didn’t fit right yet and that I still look rather large, and reluctantly went and showed my father. He wasn’t too slow in saying “They’re a little short, and really tight. I don’t like them.” Way to go douschebag. I can finally fit into a size six and he basically says I look like a fatass. No wonder my self confidence is at it’s all-time low, and I hate leaving the house. Fuck my life:(

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